What was the Brief

To provide support in Sodexo’s operational performance and overall delivery of Hard Services at Manchester Royal Infirmary, delivered to Project Co on behalf of the Manchester Universities NHS Foundation Trust.

 What did we do

In order to enhance the current standards of Service Delivery, Thomson FM chaired focus meetings to highlight areas requiring performance improvement and devising an approach and improvement programme.  Providing daily interaction and updates with lead individuals to work through these to a satisfactory position. This included: –

  • Processes and policies reviewed and new suggested ways of working provided;
  • Programming of activities on the CAFM system in line SFG 20;
  • Reviewing, organising and co-ordinating training;
  • Supporting and providing direction in managing sub-contractors; and
  • Driving efficiencies through business process reviews.

The Outcome

Thomson FM are continuing to support this contract, and so far, various enhancements have been implemented and improved operational performance, with the following outcomes demonstrated: –

  • Improved relationships with key stakeholders with an increase in clear and concise communication;
  • Improvements in competencies through the review and delivery of training;
  • Improved quality of services, communication and direction with sub-contractors; and
  • Improved efficiencies in business processes and direction

 Client feedback

The client is satisfied with the progress made by Thomson FM to date and value the expert knowledge provided in a number of key areas relating to M&E activities. They have seen improvements and received positive comments from their clients in their ability to delivery Hard Services.