August 15, 2022
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October 8, 2019

What was the Brief

The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) approached Thomson FM in 2021 to undertake a strategic review of their current Hard FM and Helpdesk arrangements and to develop a new FM strategy and target operating model for their vet hospitals, retail portfolio and offices.

What did we do

We undertook a review of the current PDSA FM operating model, with specific reference to the current commercial model, internal structures and provided a high level cost benchmark comparison to the current FM cost across their estate. A series of stakeholder engagement interviews were also undertaken across a range of staff members, to assist in developing the new service delivery model.

The Outcome

We provided the PDSA Estates Team with a Strategic Recommendations Report, a new Hard FM service specification, service contract and a Key Performance Indicator model. A draft Invitation to Tender document was also provided to PDSA, who were then able to formally re-tender the contract and award it to a new service provider in late 2021.

Client Feedback

“We worked with Thomson FM recently to help us review our facilities management suppliers. PDSA is a large and complex organisation with over 170 different sites, and Thomson FM’s market insight was invaluable in enabling us to scope, specify and implement our contract within a challenging timescale. They were also able to recommend suitable suppliers to invite to tender, based on our requirements and technical specifications. Their assistance made it possible to identify our ideal new supplier, and to get this process completed within a record timescale.”

Head of Estates, PDSA