Bouygues / LC NHS Trust
June 11, 2018
Northern Rail
June 11, 2018

Engineer is working behind several work stations in a big control room

What was the Brief

To provide FM strategic advice and support to National Grid (NG) on its FM strategy and Operating Model of its Facilities Management functions.  To review their existing structure and culture and suggest options with rationale for consideration and future tender of FM services.

What did we do

We reviewed the existing setup and advised NG on six different operating models along with comprehensive details on each model for NG to consider which one best met their needs.  We created associated work packages (or Lots) along with a presentation to their Board and our recommended approach.

The Outcome

We held a number of workshops with NG to further refine and understand all the implications and aspects of the approach and supported with their decision to proceed with the recommended model.  We then led the tender of the services and support the procurement, mobilisation and ongoing service delivery of outputs.

Client Feedback

NG and the team who appointed Thomson FM have been considerably impressed with our outputs and have since engaged with us on multiple projects since the early strategy discussions.