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September 8, 2022
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November 8, 2022

Thomson FM launch new PFI support service

New “Contractual Compliance Health Check” consultant support will help clients ensure their PFI contracts are contractually compliant

As PFI contracts are maturing and the focus turns towards Handback obligations, facilities management service providers, SPVs and Trusts/Authorities involved in PFI contracts are coming under increasing pressure to credibly evidence compliance to their contractual obligations.

The risk in failing to do this can lead to large Payment Mechanism deductions, lengthy negotiations and a costly resolution process.
Thomson FM can provide a professional and independent health check on adherence to PFI contractual obligations through our Contractual Compliance Review.

The new service from the Thomson FM team will incorporate:

A review of contractual documents

Identification and review of contract variations

Creation of a Schedule of Obligations

RAG rated contractual compliance audit

Develop remedial action plans to improve performance and minimise deductions

Advise on risk mitigation

Provide robust evidence of contractual compliance

If you are interested in Thomson FM providing your organisation with a ‘Contractual Compliance Health Check’, please get in touch with our General Manager, Mark Whittaker : or +44(0)1706 231700

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