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April 28, 2020
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August 25, 2020

Thomson FM: Consultancy Services with Ethics

Compass Pointing to Business Ethics

Recently, as a consultancy, we made the decision to decline an opportunity to work with a new customer because of their involvement in animal laboratory testing, within their buildings.

This was not the first time we have decided to take such a stance and the decision was made after careful consideration, but fundamentally felt the right thing to do. It was communicated in an open and professional manner and we were thanks for our honesty.

As part of our ISO9001 accredited quality assurance procedures, Thomson FM have a clearly stated Ethics Policy for all areas of our business operations, which are underpinned by ethical values of Respect for Others, Honesty, Competence and Accountability, Teamwork and Support and Fairness.

Underpinning our stance on conducting our facilities management consultancy services is the objective stated within our Ethics Policy:

“Thomson FM recognises the importance of the credibility, integrity and trustworthiness with which we operate all aspects of our business, internally, client-facing and publically.

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